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Bring Baseball to CSC

According to, “The National Pastime leads off with the baseball season of 1941, one of the most exciting of all time.” Players like Joe DiMaggio, Jackie Robinson, and Babe Ruth have all shaped the young men of America to become better baseball players and learn to play for the love of the game. If I had the power to bring one more sport to Chadron State College, I would bring baseball.

I believe that baseball would bring in the most revenue for the college. We already have a baseball field located at past the tracks. The only change that would have to be made to the field here in town would be extending the seating for bigger crowds, as well as the parking.
When I was growing up, baseball was a big deal in Gering every summer. Many boys were considered “four sport athletes” because they would play baseball right after soccer/track season. Panhandle sports have always been well supported by their hometown communities. If local guys signed to play baseball at CSC, fans could easily drive up to Chadron and support their local players.

Another reason why I think CSC should get baseball is because it would attract a lot of players to this area, especially the local players. Western Nebraska Community College is the only local school around the area that has baseball as a college sport. According to, nine schools in the RMAC conference have baseball as a school sport.We are the only school that does not compete in the baseball sport.

Put yourself in the shoes of a young high school boy who loves baseball. Sometimes players can be so good in high school and not receive any scholarships. If they could get looked at by a local school and get a good scholarship to play, they would take it in a heartbeat. If they truly love to play and want to keep playing, they will do anything to succeed with the sport.




4 thoughts on “Bring Baseball to CSC

  1. I agree with you on bringing baseball to Chadron and think you made some good points. The fact that it would generate the most revenue of any potential sport to add is important, and being able to keep up with the other RMAC teams who have baseball should be a goal of Chadron.


  2. Baseball is such a classic sport, and honestly, I am surprised CSC hasn’t made it an addition or at least considered it yet! Baseball brings in lots of fans and almost everyone loves munching on some stadium hot dogs while cheering on the players in the baseball diamond. Adding baseball to CSC wouldn’t be too expensive because, like you said, all we would need to add is some more seating around the baseball field. Baseball would bring in lots of revenue because it is definitely a spectator-friendly sport. I think baseball should definitely be considered as a new CSC sport!


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